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It was this power emotion that brought Michael Grant and Brenda Grant, the co-founders of Get Hope Magazine, together during 1999. Married for nearly two decades, the couple received a traumatic shock from Michael’s routine medical check-up. The doctor’s diagnosis is in: they discovered¬†cancer.

Michael’s story

What followed was a turbulent wave of emotions over the next couple of years. Sadness, depression, anxiety and an overwhelming sense of fear. The worst emotion was the hopelessness that they both felt in the bottom of their hearts, but neither was proud to admit it.

Fortunately, Michael made a miraculous recovery after the cancer receded through lots and lots of treatments. The couple felt grateful and blessed. Their family and friends rejoiced. They would be given a second chance to continue living.

Brenda’s story

That was until the year 2014 when the couple received another shock in their lives. The cancer was back. But in a cruel twist of fate, the doctors found it inside Brenda this time. Breast cancer. She heard about it, she knew about it, but she never thought she’d be the one to get it.

Michael and Brenda would never know how a family could be unfortunate enough to be struck with the same ordeal twice. This time, however, they were going to do things differently. Learning from their past experiences, they were going to keep an optimistic approach. They weren’t going to lose hope.

In a blissful turn of events, Brenda discovered that her cancer was in recession during 2016. Once again, the couple felt blessed. They also felt a rejuvenated energy to motivate and inspire others. Founded in 2017, Get Hope Magazine is co-operated by Michael and Brenda Grant as a message, a tale, and a pillar of strength for those in the same predicament.

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