Clean and Safe: 5 Guidelines to Tidy Up Your Office


Clean and Safe: 5 Guidelines to Tidy Up Your Office

A clean and well-maintained office says a number of things about your company or organization. First of all it says that you care about your appearance and are open to receive customers and their business. It also sends a message to everybody who works there that this is a professional operation and that we care enough about our staff to ensure that they have a clean working environment to do their jobs.

That is not an inconsequential message to send to your staff group. After all, they have to spend a third or more of their working hours living there.

1. Hire the professionals

A professional cleaning company can help you achieve that goal. They will work within your schedule and meet your cleaning requirements that can be as detailed as you prefer. They will also provide these services in a professional and efficient fashion. Some things that get overlooked when you try and clean the office yourself are the fridge in the employee break room and the shelves in the photocopier area.

You are also not likely going to disinfect the office telephones or wipe off the light switches with antibacterial cleaner. But a professional cleaning company will.

2. Check for anomalies

Not only will a good office cleaning staff leave your areas in impeccable order, but they will also be able to report any unusual malfunctions that they may stumble upon. Since they’ll be regularly spot checking different areas, anything out of order will stick out like a sore thumb.

They can mop and clean with a germicide and disinfect sinks and toilets with special detergents. At the same time, they can refill soap and paper products dispensers. And how about those restrooms? They say you can always tell exactly what a business is like from the appearance of these necessary rooms. A professional can make sure they are in great shape.

3. Raises employee morale

A professional cleaning company can help create a clean working space that can translate into improved employee morale. It’s not really fair to split up the cleaning detail among your workers. That’s not their job and they may come to resent it. With a professional cleaning company, they can focus on their regular duties and that will improve overall morale.

Having a clean office will also reduce the risk of employees getting sick and this should result in fewer sick days and less time away from work. Any increase in employee morale will also make
managers and shareholders happy as well. It really is a win-win situation that is definitely good for business.

4. Raises customer appreciation

Clients and customers who visit a clean office are likelier to feel more appreciated and that in turn will lead them to maybe spend or buy more than they originally planned. How clean your office and working environment appears is a reflection on you and your business.

When customers come into your place and see dirty floors or garbage that has not been collected, they may think that your operation is not professional. They might even stay away from your business and encourage others to do the same. A professional cleaning company can help improve your image with the visiting public and turn customers into repeat customers and casual visitors into sales.

5. Improved health and safety

An unclean office or working environment may not just give a bad appearance, it may give a bad odour as well. It could even lead to complaints about personal safety, especially if this creates the conditions of an infestation of insects or pests. This could turn up as health and safety complaints from employees or more serious investigation by the local public health authorities.

A professional office cleaning company will reduce those risks as well as the accumulation of pollen and mold, and the presence of harmful bacteria on surfaces in your office.

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