Up In the Clouds: 3 Useful Features of Cloud Hosting


Up In the Clouds: 3 Useful Features of Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing has been around a few years now and in this time, it has continued to grow. Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of cloud computing, one of which is cost savings. Cloud computing and storage can help your business in several ways.

Many people probably don’t even realize that they have used the cloud already. For example, using web-based email providers such as Gmail or Yahoo means that you are using the cloud. Even the use of video interfaces such as Vimeo or YouTube would be using the cloud. In terms of using it for your business, let’s take a closer look at how it can be important.

1. Saving On Costs

Switching to the cloud holds great appeal due to cost savings. Cloud computing can eliminate the need to pay for disk and storage space. There is less of a need to buy, install and upgrade expensive software. With the cloud, you only pay when you need certain applications but don’t forget that many of these are also provided free of charge.

You can easily scale usage according to your needs if and when such a demand arises. This means that the business can save money easily and it can be a substantial amount over time. In-house servers can be reduced and even eliminated sometimes, thanks to pay-per-use.

2. Easy & Convenient

Cloud computing is so easy and convenient to use. There is no need to download and install any software because it has already been done. The good thing is, you have almost unlimited storage when compared to the usual hard drive or servers. It is also adaptable to your business’ needs if you need more storage, for example.

Just pay a little more each month and you will have it in an instant. All business data is stored in the cloud, so your staff are able to access it from anywhere and via any mobile device as long as there is an Internet connection. What could be more convenient?

3. Cloud Computing Is Flexible/Scalable

There is no doubt that cloud hosting makes businesses more flexible. Staff don’t have to be at their desks and can access information from anywhere every single minute of the day. Every employee may be in a different location, but they will be able to access information. They can even work together on files from each location, such as viewing and editing a document from wherever they are. The convenience of scalability is an added advantage.

You only pay for what you use. There may be times that you may require more during certain periods of the year and after this spike, you may require less cloud usage. You can easily scale up or down when the need arises. Unlike before, when changes to service could take a long time, with the cloud, it can be done very quickly, so there is hardly any wait time.

There is also the added advantage of freeing up your IT staff since there aren’t any servers to maintain. There won’t be any software updates or any bugs to handle. IT staff can now focus on other things and this will have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. With savings coming from several areas and with automation and increased storage, cloud computing will definitely be great for your business and its employees.

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