Cutting Costs: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Printing Expenses


Cutting Costs: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Printing Expenses

Have you ever wondered how much printing your business is doing? And did you know that business print is the third highest expense in an office, after rent and payroll? With that in mind, having the most cost-effective printing equipment in the office is essential.

Here are four things to consider when looking at your print costs and how you might be able to save on your business print expense:

1. How many staff members do you have?

Look at how many staff members are connected to and using the printers and copiers each day. If the average person is printing about 35 pages per day, multiply that by the number of staff members to see how much volume your office is generating every day. The numbers quickly add up and it can become very expensive, very quickly if you don’t have efficient equipment.

2. How many printers and copiers do you have?

If you’re running a number of copiers and printers every day, your costs rise incrementally. Toner, paper, maintenance and upkeep can all add to the cost, so streamlining your equipment might be a good idea. Investing in some centrally located equipment capable of producing higher volumes at lower costs can save time, money and aggravation.

3. Are there other printers or copiers available that cost nandrolone decanoate cycle solo less?

If your equipment is more than a couple of years old, there’s likely newer technology out there which could improve your efficiency, both functionally and economically. Old equipment becomes harder to service as it ages as parts become harder to find. Switching to more cost-effective equipment can bring your overall costs down because it will require less maintenance and will produce less “down time”.

4. Where can you find the best equipment?

Searching out a recognized dealer is key. You want to do business with an office printer company that can provide more than just the initial equipment supply. Look for a company who offers technical service and support, as well as other business solutions to keep your company running smoothly. Source a supplier who can proactively monitor your toner and other supplies so you don’t have to.

A company with the ability to consolidate your invoices for multiple pieces of equipment, or who offers one price per page regardless of how much toner you use increases the effectiveness of your operation and frees up your time to do other things.

Business printing is one of the most important parts of any business, yet many companies have no idea what those costs really are. Finding a company who can help you track and monitor this, as well as providing service and support to keep your business running at an optimum level, is one of the most important ways to keep your costs from getting out of control.

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