Fender Bender: Your 5 Next Moves After Getting Into a Car Accident


Fender Bender: Your 5 Next Moves After Getting Into a Car Accident

You wouldn’t even wish a car accident on your worst enemy. It’s the worst. The worst!

Imagine this: it’s 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, you’re driving on a main artery of the city, which is already enduring bumper to bumper traffic. Suddenly, you get into an accident; your bumper is destroyed. Out of nowhere, you and the other motorist have worsened the traffic congestion. You’re hungry, tired, irritable. You didn’t ask for this to happen.

There is no doubt that one of the first reactions you’d have would be to start shrieking. But this is the last thing that you should ever do because it will only exacerbate the situation. Car accident lawyers are very experienced in providing you with legal guidance. They have witnessed clients losing a case because they made a series of erroneous mistakes, like admitting fault or engaging in a fight.

Here are five things you should do after a car accident according to a lawyer:

1. Stay Calm; Don’t Get Angry

You’re not you when you’re hungry. A lot of the accidents we endure happen in the morning, at lunch or on the commute home. In the morning, you haven’t had your coffee yet. At lunch, you haven’t had a snack yet. In the afternoon, you haven’t had your dinner yet.

That said, no matter how stressful the situation may be, it is important to stay calm and carry on. Simply put: don’t get angry, take a deep breath and remain respectful of others.

2. Don’t Admit Fault When You Meet the Other Driver

When you get out of your vehicle and notice damage on both automobiles, perhaps one of your first reactions is to apologize. Moreover, even if you are at fault, it is still crucial to refrain from conceding fault because there are always cameras, witnesses and recording devices.

Indeed, this can be used against you in any court case.

3. Move Your Vehicle Away from Traffic

Did you get into a fender bender on Eglinton Avenue? Did you get into an accident on the QEW? What about a collision in an area where there is plenty of construction, blocking lanes?

Where are we going with this? Well, to avoid creating even more traffic in our congested roads, streets and highways, it would be prudent to move your vehicle away from traffic. This should be done out of respect, and it also allows local law enforcement officials to arrive to the scene.

4. Assess Damages & Take Plenty of Pictures

Once you get out of your sedan or minivan and ensure it is safe to do so, you should grab your smartphone and proceed to take plenty of pictures of the accident. You have unlimited storage so snap as many images as possible of the car, the other vehicle and the immediate vicinity.

5. Contact the Police & Your Insurance Provider

Lastly, you must contact the police and inform them of the accident. After you have completed the inspection and the exchange of vital information, you need to get in touch with your insurance provider and let them know that you have been in an accident. You have up to 24 hours to speak with your insurance company – it is best to wait after the ordeal has come to a conclusion and you’re on your way home.

Be sure to offer all of the key details: time it took place, what happened, where it occurred, etc.

Stick with the facts, stay at the scene and be calm and respectful. This is the best way to handle any car accident, and this is what a car accident attorney will always recommend.

Should you suffer any injuries or significant damages, then perhaps it is time to seek out a car accident lawyer. They will examine your case and determine if you should be remunerated.

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