First-Time Campers: 5 Summer Camp Mistakes That Parents Make


First-Time Campers: 5 Summer Camp Mistakes That Parents Make

Is there a perfect summer camp for your child?

Of the many things your child’s summer camp can be, boring should not be one of them. The reason you choose a summer camp for your child is for them to have fun and learn a few things in the process. However, that highly anticipated experience of a lifetime could turn into a huge letdown if the organizers have little regard for planning.

To choose a summer camp your child will never forget, do your best to avoid the following mistakes.

1. Assuming Expensive Camps Are better

Ideally, you get what you pay for; but this is not always the case. Just because a summer camp is expensive does not mean they offer the best camp experience. Most likely, your child does not care how much you are paying. All they are looking forward to is an unforgettable summer camp experience. The ideal summer camp should provide the best experience at the most affordable cost.

2. Failing to Factor Your Child’s Interests

Although you might think a certain summer camp is the best, the truth from your child’s perspective may be very different. Always consult your child to find out what their interests are and choose a summer camp along those interests. For instance, taking your child to a computer summer camp they have no iota of interest in, would be a waste of time (yours and theirs), and money (yours). Besides, if you force a child to go to a summer camp they have no interest in, that could be the end of their interest in summer camps. Although you are the one paying for a summer camp, make sure the one you choose for your child will be educational and entertaining.

3. Overestimating Summer Camp Traditions

When choosing a summer camp for your child, the best tradition to keep is none. Your child does not have to go to the same summer camp you went, and your parents before you. Always treat your child as an individual with unique interests and potential. The summer camp you attended as a child may have been a hit during the good ol’ days, but that was then. Find out which summer camp best serves the interests of your child before packing and sending them away.

4. Waiting until the Last Minute to Start Looking for a Summer Camp

Procrastination is a thief of time. When choosing a summer camp for your child, procrastination is also a thief of money. Most summer camps offer discounts for early sign-ups. Even if their websites do not explicitly mention these discounts, give them a call and ask. Always watch out for good deals from the best summer camp you can afford.

5. Thinking Summer Camps Are Passé

There was a time when going to a summer camp was a child’s highlight for the year. Then iPhones and video games happened and kids found a new indoor pastime. Consequently, one might be misguided to think their child will not enjoy a summer camp. Your recollections of a summer camp may have involved streamlined activities such as paddling on a lake in a canoe; today’s summer camps are entirely different. They feature a host of activities guaranteed to keep your child engaged, whatever their interest is. In any case, the sedentary lives of most kids should be just the perfect excuse to get away and play.

Choosing a summer camp for your child is a thrilling experience. While it is your child who will go to the camp, your duty is to make sure the one you choose is acceptable to them. Find out what they consider the best summer camp experience and source one aligned with their interests.

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