Healthy Air: 7 Best Office and Home Air Circulation Tips


Healthy Air: 7 Best Office and Home Air Circulation Tips

The air in your office and living space is something you’ll want to keep fresh and healthy. The indoor air quality inside can make a huge difference to your everyday life, so you need to do whatever you can to keep the air circulating properly in your building. It will, however, require some effort to ensure all ventilation channels are functioning as they should.

Fortunately, there are certain activities that will allow your air quality to feel better. Below are seven of the best office and home air circulation tips:

1. Keep the fans running

One of the best office and home air circulation tips is by running the ceiling fans. You may already have a number of these in your house and office. If not, taking time to install these ventilation fans should be a top priority.

Turning on each ceiling fan in every room could be the ideal way to avoid air that doesn’t correctly circulate.  You can always purchase box fans to use for the time being if you don’t have ceiling fans in place. These can typically be bought at a very affordable price in many stores near you.

2. Open the windows

If the weather is nice enough outside, you may want to open some of the windows. Letting fresh air into your building is always a great idea and can allow you to enjoy the nice breeze.

This can help keep your air quality fresh and allow it to be a much more comfortable place for you to live. However, you’ll want to be certain to have screens on your windows to avoid any insects or bugs getting into your property,

3. Change the air filter

It’s easy to neglect to keep the air filter fresh in your office and home, but this doing this is vital. Do you want air to continue to circulate with ease?

If so, you’ll want to swiftly get rid of the old and dirty air filter and put a new one in its place. This is typically a very affordable task to do and will only take a few minutes.

Air filters can be purchased in packets and this will mean a much lower cost for you. Another benefit of changing the filter will include paying less for many of your energy expenses.

4. Use your exhaust fans

You may have several exhaust fans throughout your commercial office or residential home. The most common places for these to be are in your kitchen and bathroom.

No matter where the fans are located, it’s ideal to keep these running at varying intervals through the day. For instance, if you cook a meal that smells strongly or has a burning scent, you may want to turn the exhaust fan on over the stove. These devices can be beneficial in allowing the air to circulate throughout your house with ease properly.

5. Ventilate your attic

Many homes come with an attic, but it can be effortless to forget this space since you rarely venture up there. However, if you want to enjoy a comfortable home, you should also ensure the attic is well ventilated.

This will allow for much better circulation and help your property have fresher air. Another thing you’ll want to do is put in the right amount of insulation to ensure you pay less for your energy expenses.

6. Install roof vents

Taking a bit of time and putting roof vents in place can offer you several circulation benefits. These are placed strategically throughout your roof and can be extremely beneficial.

This vent can allow for proper ventilation in these hard to get to areas of your building. However, you may want to rely on a professional to put these in place for you.

7. Reduce indoor humidity

If you’re going to remain comfortable, it’s ideal for decreasing the indoor moisture as much as you can. This may require you to purchase an indoor dehumidifier to help you reach this goal.

Putting this device in place can prevent the air in your building from being so thick and heavy. You’ll have a much easier time breathing and a good place to live when you do this one thing.

Additionally, you’ll want to keep the vent in your dryer clean and run it as little as possible. Removing the lint from the dryer vent can allow your home to feel better and less full of humidity.

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