Keeping Track: 5 Ways to Manage Your Business With Technology


Keeping Track: 5 Ways to Manage Your Business With Technology

Field service management software is a system that help companies deliver effective onsite service by tracking requests, managing personnel, and maintaining the visibility of operations. It can help to assign work, manage time and help service management and improve reporting systems.

Field service management software can also help to increase employee satisfaction and morale and enhance customer loyalty. This type of software is designed to assist a business to manage their remote resources when employees are employed or assigned to the field.

There are several keys roles that many companies focus in when it comes to field service management software. They are helping them to assign tasks and appointments to workers in the field, managing their time, getting information and reports back from the field, and the overall management of people and their attendance on remote locations or in the field.

1. Tracking resources

Field service management software gives companies the ability to manage and track their vehicles and workers. This might include the scheduling and dispatching of work assignments and ensuring driver safety. It also often features that integration of managing remote work with the basic business functions of inventory, billing, accounting and other back-office systems. Field service management software can be useful to almost any business but is often used by companies that manage installation, service or repairs of systems or equipment.

2. Assigning tasks

With field service management software, assigning work is much less onerous than any other form of assigning tasks to workers who are in the field or work on service calls. The system automatically assigns a task or service call to a technician and this is entered into the field service management software. The employee can then be tracked on his way to the assignment and how long he spends there.

In addition, this employee can report successful service calls or problems and when he finished he gets another assignment. The customer knows when the service call has been made and can also report any problems that get directly logged into the system as soon as they call. This system works well for employees who know what is expected of them and improves the overall quality of the service being provided.

3. Managing time

As noted above, the field service management software will monitor the time a technician takes to travel to a service call and how long it takes her to perform her service. The manager or supervisor can easily check the time spent by the field staff per task and that in turn helps the company to check the area of response and reduce any time wasted in finding an obscure or even incorrect address. The remote worker and their vehicle is logged in when they leave in the morning and tracked all day. That leaves little room for wasting time and improves the overall worker and service performance as a result.

4. Getting information from the field

Field service management software allows a company to get full and instant reports from staff in the field. Forms and reports can be immediately transmitted directly from remote locations or vehicles on service calls. This helps the business to automate a range of tasks and duties and allows them to track workers and optimize business performance.

There is no danger of lost or missing information or reports because all elements are being constantly tracked and reports are submitted when they are ready from staff in the field.

5. Managing people

Managing attendance and people is easy with field service management software. This is particularly helpful not just for mobile workers but for retail operations like stores and fast food restaurants as well. Attendance information is submitted electronically, allowing payroll managers to calculate how much their staff work and to ensure that they get paid properly. Field management service software can manage the basic attendance management system of employees in the filed or working in remote work locations. They can even submit their expenses through the system and send them to headquarters for payment.

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