Laughter Works: 5 Ways Humour Can Increase the CRM Effectiveness


Laughter Works: 5 Ways Humour Can Increase the CRM Effectiveness

To be a successful agent it’s important to keep in touch with your data base. Otherwise, failing to contact leads can cause a decline of business from the missed connections and disengagement.

To avoid this consequence and ensure all leads are active, its recommended for agents to use humour. Humour is a simple tactic that can put clients at ease, build trust, and stand out when compared to generic messages which can help generate deals and grow your brand.

1. Complements Your Personality

When agents use a CRM to send marketing material, it can seem generic if the message is not personalized. When clients receive a message that seems insincere, they may overlook the content which can result in them unsubscribing. To avoid this lost connection agents should consider using humour as a way to reconnect with past clients.

Humour is a great way for agents to highlight their personality and prevent the wrong impression of a business. Without humour, agents may be at risk of seeming like insincere in their campaigns and like their only focus is on business. By injecting humour and professionalism into your CRM, you will notice a positive response to your funny yet substantial messages.

2. More Approachable Material

Injecting humour in a campaign will increase the response rate from it because it will be more approachable. When the material is focused on sales clients may feel intimidated by the content and avoid reaching out directly. However, when humour is used it can put them at ease by making you seem more approachable and giving them a friendly reason to respond. This increases the chances of a high response rate because people can relate to the content and will find it easier to respond to.

3. Captures a Younger Audience

Humour is an effective tactic that can help agents capture younger audiences. Without the use of eye-catching headlines and relatable jokes younger audience members will likely look over the content given the number of other messages, notifications and marketing campaigns they likely receive in a day.

As a result, marketing campaigns that are sent to younger audience are typically overlooked for something that is more appealing given their constant media exposure. Therefore, its vital that agents try to capture this audience with eye catching content because of the long-term business potential they have.

4. Stands Out Compared to Others

To avoid being overlooked it’s important that agents stand out when compared to others with humourous advertisements. Unlike standard marketing material that may appear generic and focused on sales, humourous advertisements tend to engage clients in a unique and memorable way.

Having clients remember a campaign is a great way to generate new business and retain old leads because you will be at the forefront of their mind. This can increase your brand’s awareness and reach because they will think of you for their next purchase. Otherwise, agents that use standard messages can quickly be forgotten or confused with others.

5. Builds Trust

Using humour in your online marketing campaigns will help to build trust with your database. Humour is able to build trust with clients because it can put them at ease when you reach out to them. If a client feels like you are only messaging them for a sale, then they may feel uneasy when you contact them and think you are only after money.

This can prevent clients from freely messaging you because they feel used and like your messages are a sales pitch. To avoid this insincerity try injecting humourous photos, wording, or wit into your campaigns to increase the level of trust within your database to generate growth.

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