Let’s Get Digital: 5 Ways to Boost Business with Mobile Technology


Let’s Get Digital: 5 Ways to Boost Business with Mobile Technology

If your company still operates mostly on paper, you’re missing out on opportunities to streamline your office. It is estimated mobile form systems save around 10 hours a week of data entry work. Mobile forms allow you to invoice your client’s twice as fast and eliminate unnecessary bottlenecks in your workflow.

With technology becoming more integrated into business regardless of industry, it’s important to find new ways to stay compliant while increasing efficiency. This blog post looks at five different reasons why your company needs to embrace mobile forms!

1. Mobile Forms Are Fast

Accessing information has never been faster than now with mobile forms. Your staff can quickly access, collect and submit data to your company’s database from anywhere with a mobile connection. Getting your employees to fax papers from the job site, or worse manually deliver documents is a waste of time.

There are some situations when papers must be transmitted across town, which can pose a problem. Instead of sending large documents through email, you can have everyone access a singular database containing all your essential documents. Implementing mobile forms in your daily processes is a quick and easy way to help your staff become more efficient.

2. Working With Mobile Forms Make It Easy To Improve Compliance

Data security is only going to become more important as technology continues to grow. Sharing documents via email or messaging programs is unsecured and can cause your company to fall out of line with security requirements. Mobile form systems include single sign-on options (only one person can edit at a time), GPS (lets you know the exact location of the last edit) and time stamps. All this data makes it easy to know exactly who, where and when a form was edited in your company.

Mobile forms apps also allow you to send out notifications via email or text about form updates or data submission that require immediate action. Using mobile forms in your company allows you to take advantage of a central storage system for your company’s data. This makes data easy to manage and simplifies controlling the security of documents coming from your company.

3. Mobile Form Systems Give You A Ton Of Data To Track And Analyze

Anytime you use a mobile form system; all the data is organized and available immediately within your system. Mobile form programs allow you to track data and compare it to external data sources. You can also easily generate reports on different areas of your company. Mobile form programs make it easy for your executives to quickly access essential business insights.

4. Mobile Forms Are Faster Than Paper

Paper is slow and messy. Using mobile forms automates calculations and auto-populates repetitive fields such as name and date. These seemingly small conveniences create a high level of efficiency in how your staff members create and share information. Unlike paper, mobile forms can be dramatically changed with minimal effort. Mobile forms also promote consistency in your company since they can perform validation checks on newly inputted data. These validation checks ensure data is correct which prevents your employees from having to resubmit forms.

5. Mobile Technology Helps You Improve Productivity

Mobile forms make sharing and collaborating much easier for your staff. Storing data in a mobile form system allows your employees to access data from anywhere at any time. Mobile form systems come with security options that make easy to protect your data and track who has access to what. Implementing mobile form technology helps your staff find new ways to save time and boost productivity. Mobile form systems are excellent for eliminating delays surrounding paperwork, managing workflows and making reporting faster.

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