Moving Day: 6 Moving Tips to Help You Prepare In Advance


Moving Day: 6 Moving Tips to Help You Prepare In Advance

When it comes to relocating, many individuals arrive unprepared. From packing, to organizing, cleaning, and sorting the process can seem endless. To ensure your moving day is stress-free it is essential to prepare in advance.

That’s why, we’ve outlined below the tasks you should complete prior to the movers arriving. Completing these tasks can guarantee a stress-free, and seamless move for everyone involved.

1. Separate Valuables

Professional movers will not be able to distinguish and handle your most valuable items with care if they do not know where they are. To avoid any damages to fragile or expensive items it is vital for you to separate them. Once these treasured items are separated you should clearly label the box to notify workers that it needs to be handled as such.

This precaution can ease your worries on moving day, and when you begin to unpack. Plus, if you do not feel comfortable having the movers transport your valuables you can easily do it on your own. Having a few clearly labelled boxes means you can easily identify and have them in your care at all times.

2. Separate Documents

In addition to separating your most fragile and valuable items you should also separate important documents. These documents should be made accessible in case you need to access them during the transition. Further, these documents should never be left with the movers to transport in case they are misplaced. Having to replace documents such as bills, claims, or insurance information can be a lengthy and stressful process.

3. Get Insurance

Prior to moving day, you should confirm your instance coverage and know how much the policy covers. Many moving companies offer insurance in their packages. However, it is best to discuss with the company you hired. If you are worried that the coverage in place is not enough to protect your good in case of an accident, you should consider purchasing an additional protection plan.

Regardless of the amount of coverage, it is also suggested to educate yourself on the exact conditions of your policy. That way, if something were to go wrong on the day of the move you’ll know if you are covered.

4. Label the Packages

Keeping an itemized list with clearly labelled packages will make for an organized and efficient move. Labeling the boxes means the movers can clearly identify which room the box belongs in. Having this information ready for them means you don’t have to tell them where you would like each item to go. Plus, when the packages arrive to your new property you can easily unpack seeing as you’ll know what is in each box.

5. Clean the Property

The movers will not assist with cleaning the property. Any cleaning that needs to be done should be completed prior to their arrival. It is understandable that some areas may be out of reach until furniture is moved, but you should make an effort to tidy as much as you can. Leave a few cleaning products unpacked so you can quickly tidy any missed spots without slowing down the move.

6. Dispose of Hazardous Materials

Moving companies will not take with them anything that is flammable. This means you should dispose of any flammable products or items prior to their arrival. In addition to flammable materials moving companies will not transport hazardous chemicals for you. If you do not dispose of these items, the movers can refuse to handle them as it could cause harm.

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