Perfect Matrimony: 5 Rental Tips for a Successful Wedding


Perfect Matrimony: 5 Rental Tips for a Successful Wedding

Between the dress, the bridal party, the location and the guests, you are swamped with wedding decisions and planning. In order for a successful wedding and effective planning, you want to do everything possible to keep things smooth and simple.

Thankfully, there are many things that can be done to help this process. The wedding rentals for your reception are a great place to start where you can save time, confusion, and money. Rentals include anything from the tables and chairs, to a tent, or dance floor.

The following are some top tricks to help you navigate wedding rentals.

1. Double check the size of the tent required

If you are having an outdoor wedding, the tent will be the focal point and center of your reception. It is very common for there to be a miscalculation when ordering a tent. This is a silly mistake that can cause stress and unforeseen expenses. Double check the size of tent required for your venue. You can determine the size by measuring directly from the venue and planning for seating allocation. The venue will often have pre-set parameters that are recommended for tenting.

2. Reconsider your chair selection

When first thinking about your wedding, you may want lavish, antique wooden chairs for everyone to enhance the beauty of your reception, however, there are other options. The idea of large, beautiful chairs is nice and doable, but there are many alternatives. For a savings opportunity, consider plastic chairs that can be decorated with linens. This option allows flexibility in your design and is a more economical option.

3. String lightening

Lighting is a very important factor in the look of your wedding. You want lighting that highlights your style and provides a romantic vibe. A popular option for many venues is a chandelier centerpiece that has crystals which sparkle across the venue. Though this is elegant and romantic, consider the option of renting string lights. These are simple and beautiful and allow for a more personal touch to your reception as you can choose the location of the lighting.

4. Does the rental company include installation service

While choosing your rental company that will help create your wedding, ask if they also have installation services. For some rental items, such as lighting, tenting, and tables, there is a lot of manual labor involved in the setup of the location. If the rental company does provide this service, you will reduce stressand save cost knowing that a company you trust will install all required pieces of your wedding.

5. Find a venue with flexible pick up times

If you choose a rental company that also has services of picking up and dropping off the items, it is important to look for a venue with flexible hours. You want to accommodate the schedule of both the rental company and the venue in order to finish this process smoothly. A venue that has a flexible pickup and drop off times is much more appealing for you and the rental company as items can be collected at a convenient time, rather than continuing to stress after the big day.

A wedding requires a lot of planning for many different details. Using a wedding rental service is a great way to personalize your reception and ensure that you have everything you need on your big day. Having an idea about the look that you want will greatly help you reduce stress as it gives you a direction to aim for. Think about the desired look of your wedding and rent items that follow the flow of your idea.

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