Protect Your IT: 8 Types of Security Testing Services


Protect Your IT: 8 Types of Security Testing Services

The goal of security testing services is to ensure that the systems and applications of an organization are unbreachable, and that the data of this organization is safe and secure. Security testing consultants use different methods to identify threats, and to help their clients deal with them. Here are 8 of these methods.

1. Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning is performed with automated tools. These tools will scan a system to try to detect any vulnerabilities, by comparing them with known vulnerabilities. After the vulnerability scan is completed, the security testing consultant will know the risk level of the system.

2. Security scanning

Security scanning is another type of test offered by providers of security testing services. This scan can be performed manually or with an automated tool, and its goal is to identify system and network weaknesses, and to recommend detailed solutions to fix them.

3. Risk assessment

This type of testing involves analysing the different security risks that have been identified, and assessing their gravity. Risk assessment also brings different measures that can be implemented to efficiently reduce these risks. To be effective, risk assessment must be performed along with other security testing services.

4. Penetration testing

Penetration testing is in fact the simulation of an attack. The expert in charge of the test will exploit the vulnerabilities they detected to gain access to the systems of their client, and identify more vulnerabilities and risks. Simulating a malicious attack by a hacker is a good way to solve different security problems.

5. Security auditing

Security auditing is done by carefully inspecting the internal code of an application, software or operating system, searching for a variety of security flaws. A security audit is often performed to ensure that the systems tested comply with different legislations and standards. Security auditing is an important part of security testing.

6. Security review

Security review is another process that can be used to verify that different security standards have been properly applied to the components of a system. The approach used for security review is not linked to other types of security testing such as vulnerability scanning, security scanning and security auditing.

7. Ethical hacking

Hackers are people who access a system or a network without authorization, with malicious intentions. Ethical hacking is when an authorized expert accesses a system or a network with the intention of exposing security flaws, so they can be addressed properly. Ethical hackers can help their clients improve their systems to prevent data theft and fraud.

8. Posture assessment

Finally, posture assessment is a process that combines security scanning, risk assessment and ethical hacking to determine the overall security posture of the organization that has hired security testing services. When this organization is aware of the risks, vulnerabilities and weaknesses of their systems, and is provided with different solutions that they can implement, they will improve their systems so they can be ready to face a malicious attack.

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