Puppy Life: 4 Characteristics of Golden Retrievers You Will Love


Puppy Life: 4 Characteristics of Golden Retrievers You Will Love

You make the decision to add a dog to your family but are unsure of what breed to get. After a lot of research, you discover that there are many different kinds of dogs available with many pros and cons to owning them.

There is one breed of dog that has far more advantages than disadvantages and it is the golden retriever. A large-breed dog known originally for retrieving hunted waterfowl, below are the four characteristics that makes golden retrievers great pets and how your family stands to benefit by owning one.

1. Great with people

When you have a dog, you want it to be friendly and good with people as opposed to worrying that it will act out with hostility. If you add a golden retriever to your family, you can rest assured that it will be amazing with any person he/she comes across.

When you are in your home, golden retrievers are known to be mild-mannered and friendly toward visitors. If you have younger children, they can be rough and playful with your golden retriever, he/she will be gentle and maintain a great temperament. When you are out in the community with your golden retriever, strangers are even able to approach and he/she will be pleasant.

2. Active

It is nice to have an active dog whether you are on the move yourself or not. If you are not as active as you should be, an energetic dog who wants to get out will mean you will get the exercise you need. If you are already active, you want a dog that can participate and share your enthusiasm.

Golden retrievers are a preferred breed because they are active. Whether you want to go for a walk, run, play fetch, or spend time by the water, a golden retriever is always willing to participate and has fun doing it. Golden retrievers are also always up to playing and are known to be one of the most energetic breeds in existence.

3. Easy to train

A dog that is not trained can make your home hectic, not being able to settle down and getting into things it should not be. It can also mean a bad attitude towards people that can involve negative actions such as growling and biting. Therefore, you want to train your og and you want it to be as easy as possible.

Golden retrievers are notorious for being easier to train than other breeds. This is due largely in part to their innate desire to want to please their owners. The good thing about training golden retrievers is you do not need to be a professional and do anything special either. All you need to do is give your golden retriever a lot of attention, practice commands, and correct them when they do something wrong. By doing these things your golden retriever will learn what is expected of him/her in no time.

4. Beautiful

People usually choose a pet based largely on looks. It is for this reason that the golden retriever is probably the most popular breed in the world.

Golden retriever puppies are renowned for their stunning, shaggy, yellow coats and extremely friendly faces. They also carry themselves impressively, feature a stature that is noble and turns many heads. Golden retrievers also have warm, brown eyes, drawing you in and enticing you to spend time with them. When you own one, you will want to get out and show him/her off every chance you get and you will draw the attention of many.

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