When It Really Stinks: 5 Common Plumbing Problems Around the House


When It Really Stinks: 5 Common Plumbing Problems Around the House

We will all need a plumber at some point in our future. Even those of us who consider ourselves handy will find ourselves unable to dig out or unplug our plumbing problem.

Some plumbing jobs are too hard, too complicated or too dangerous to try on your own. You just need a professional. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and unclog the sink or use a plunger on the toilet in the bathroom. But when the problem is too big or too stinky or if there is a real emergency, pick up the phone and find a professional plumber who can help you.

1. Emergencies

An emergency is when you say it is. For most people, a plumbing emergency means you have no water, no hot water to take a shower or bath, of if you still have a clog or blockage that you can’t get rid of on your own. Water to drink and water to wash with or clean up is not a luxury. It is essential to our everyday living. So too is the warm comfort of a long hard bath after a hard day a at work.

To miss one hot bath is not an emergency. But not having one for a week might be. There are also things like sewer blockages and back-ups and frozen or leaking pipes that might cause damage that would fall into the emergency category. If you have an emergency, no matter how you define it, call a professional plumber right away.

2. No Water

If you have low water pressure or no water at all, then it’s an emergency and time to call in a professional plumbing company. You probably won’t be able to see the leak that is causing even more damage than you know. The emergency plumber can easily find it or the obstruction in the water line that might need to be dug up and then repaired or rebuilt. If you have no water, you don’t want to wait until you find and fix the problem. Call a professional emergency plumber who will inspect and analyze the situation quickly and then make the necessary repairs to get your water running freely again.

3. Sewer blocks and jams

If you’ve tried a plunger to clear your toilet and maybe even a small snake to clear everything inside of your house and not been successful, it likely means you have a bigger block or jam further down in the sewer system. That might inside your house or in the main sewer line. In that case you need professional help. An emergency plumbing company has the people and equipment to safely and quickly resolve your problems. If the problem is outside your system, they can contact the appropriate municipal authorities to get them to fix it.

4. Septic tanks

People who live in rural areas often have a septic tank instead of a local sewer system. If that backs up you will have to dig it up with a back-hoe or call a professional plumber. Leaks to septic systems are not just inconvenient. They can be extremely dangerous. Such a leak could put you, your family and your local environment in danger. Call an emergency plumber to fix problems with your septic tank. They know just what to do to fix the problem before it can get any worse. Don’t try this on your own unless you are ready for a really big stink if something goes wrong.

5. Leaky or old piping

It’s not worth it to replace old piping by yourself just to save a few bucks. That old piping may be corroded and needs to be welded back together again. There might also be gas nearby that could prove dangerous for anyone using an acetylene torch who is not trained in that practice. An emergency plumber can safety fix or replace any old piping without any unnecessary mistakes or increased risks.

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