The Right Protection: 6 Essential Features of Corner Guards


The Right Protection: 6 Essential Features of Corner Guards

Corner guards are the silent but effective protectors of walls and buildings in high traffic areas like shopping centres and retail malls as well as in medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. You will certainly see corner guards at the airport or train station and maybe even in your apartment or condominium building. They are great for providing protection and help to prevent costly repairs to plaster, drywall, marble or ceramic wall surfaces.

1. Standard Sizes

Corner guards come in standard sizes. but heavier corner guards are available for industrial high traffic areas. Corner guard providers can custom design corner guards with company logos that are permanently stamped into each piece and can be made and manufactured to any size requirements. They are available in a variety of steel and metal products like stainless steel, brushed metal, brass, and diamond plate.

2. Strong and Durable

Corner guards are strong and durable. They provide excellent protection for cracks and chips, in new homes or on freshly painted walls. They are in use regularly in residential homes, offices, condominiums, warehouses and industrial locations. Corner guards are designed to resist corrosion and that means they won’t need to be replaced very often as they protect the building and reduce maintenance and repair costs. Corner guards are available in a variety of materials and product styles. They can also be customized to meet the needs of any building or business,

3. Variety of Options

Corner guards come in stainless steel, aluminum checker plate and steel metal options for residential and commercial and industrial applications. Commercial and heavy-duty corner guards are some of the best options on the market. They offer wall corner protection for any commercial business in a variety of different sizes and metal thickness for optimal protection. Metal corner guards that are made from high-quality stainless steel are available in a variety of thickness to suit any application.

4. Residential & Commercial Use

For homes, offices and professional buildings, you can get corner guards with an attractive brushed finish that complements any décor. They are suitable for use in condominiums, kitchens, warehouses and many other locations. These type of corner guards are designed to protect finished corners and eliminate the need for costly repairs to cracked and chipped drywall. They save time and money and make it easier to match colors when repainting any damaged areas. They also come a protective PVC coating on the exposed side that protects the finish during installation.

5. Made with Aluminum

Aluminum corner guards are designed with a bright finish and are made from aluminum checker plate that compliments the look of any space while continuing to provide the required protection. This makes this type of corner guard a great protector of walls and the drywall, as well as brick and plaster wall corners. They can even protect the exposed corners of industrial machines like freezers and refrigerators, for example. Aluminum corner guards are available in many sizes, lengths, angles and gauges. This type of metal corner guards will always look great and can be specifically designed to suit just about any application, or any enterprise.

6. Heavy Duty Models

Heavy duty corner guards have been designed and tested for industrial applications. This might include places like industrial yards and interiors, warehouses, manufacturing plants. Heavy duty corner guards may also be used on many building and garage exteriors, maintenance rooms and anywhere heavy equipment or machinery may be present. This type of corner guard comes in standard sizes of 48-inch and 96-inch lengths. They are usually constructed of either 1/4-inch or 5/16-inch thick hot-rolled steel. Heavy duty corner guards may also be available with grey primer, or can be printed in any color that is desired by the customer.

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