You’re Fired: 8 Signs You Need to Fire Your Lawyer


You’re Fired: 8 Signs You Need to Fire Your Lawyer

If you have hired a personal injury lawyer, you have the right to fire them if you can no longer trust them to handle your case. However, before you fire your lawyer, you have to make sure you are doing it for a good reason.

Here are 8 signs you should probably fire your personal injury lawyer.

1. Your personal injury lawyer is not returning your calls and emails

If your personal injury lawyer is never returning your call or your emails, it could be a sign that they are working on too many cases, or that their staff is incompetent. If it’s impossible for you to keep in touch with your lawyer, you might as well search for a new one.

2. Your lawyer is not paying attention to your case

If your personal injury lawyer doesn’t seem to pay attention to your case, you probably won’t be moving forward with it. If you find that your lawyer is too busy to keep you updated on what is going on, maybe you should fire them.

3. You are not getting along with your lawyer

You need a competent personal injury lawyer, not someone who could become your best friend. However, if you are not feeling comfortable with your lawyer, or if you are simply not getting along, it might be a sign that they aren’t the right lawyer for you.

4. Your lawyer is not always telling you the truth

Your lawyer should be telling you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it. If your lawyer is lying to you, or if they always seem to say they will do one thing, but then they do something else, you should probably fire them.

5. You are not able to trust your lawyer anymore

If you are questioning the ethics of your personal injury lawyer, or if they have done or said something that makes it difficult for you to trust them, don’t waste your time with them. You need to be able to fully trust your lawyer.

6. You are afraid to discuss your case with your lawyer

If, for any reason, you are afraid to call your personal injury lawyer or to meet with them to discuss your case, this is a sign that something isn’t working out. You should search for a new lawyer as soon as possible.

7. You are questioning the competence of your lawyer

Since you are not a personal injury lawyer yourself, it can be difficult to question the competence of your lawyer. However, if they always struggle to answer your questions, and sound like they don’t know what they are doing, you should not ignore it.

8. They are not paying attention to your complaints

Before you decide to fire your personal injury lawyer and to hire another one, you should try to talk to your lawyer about your issues with their services. If they are not paying attention to your complaints and if they refuse to resolve your current issues, you should search for another lawyer.

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