How You Can Help: 6 Ways to Make a Holiday Donation


How You Can Help: 6 Ways to Make a Holiday Donation

There are many reasons to donate to charity over the holidays, and throughout the year. These simple reminders will keep you in the spirit of giving as you move about in December, January, and beyond.

1. Increase your own happiness

It sounds like a selfish reason to donate to charity, but it makes a world of difference in the long run. The more happy, positive vibes put out there, especially in association with charity, the more are returned. Studies have shown that donating to charity simply makes you feel better, which is a notion that most people benefit greatly from, through and through.

2. Help others

This one is pretty obvious. Helping others is crucial to the sustainability and growth of our society. The more we attempt to understand and show compassion for others, the more likely we are to prosper. Helping others who can’t help themselves will be a great intrinsic-reward for you.

3. Set a positive example

If you are out and about at the store with your kids, for example, and they see you giving money to charity, they will be more likely to follow suit when they grow up. Children learn by example. The more charities you donate to, and the more variety, the more you will be involved in your community, and so will your loved ones. Set an example you feel proud about. This meaning will have a ripple effect, especially over the holidays.

4. Understand that every contribution, large or small, helps

You may approach charities over the holidays and wonder, “What does my contribution really mean?” It actually means a lot. Whether you can contribute $5 or $500,000, every donation is sincerely appreciated and used to benefit the greater good. Even a few dollars could help a child in need get simple things they need, like food, hygiene supplies, or even shelter. It’s not always about doing or contributing more; it’s often about contributing at all.

5. If you can’t volunteer, give

Perhaps you are not in a situation to drive down to a homeless shelter and give meals this holiday season. Whether it is because of a busy work schedule, physical demands, disabilities, or else, contributing money is an easy way to contribute to the cause. Again, it does not have to be a lot of money. Even sending a check to the charity you care about can make a huge difference. Don’t question the positive effects of giving. Giving goes a long way in effecting a positive change within society.

6. Create more meaning in your life

Participating in charity work, if you can, creates more meaning in your life because you will meet likeminded people who care about the same things you do. There is nothing stronger than a group of people united behind a common goal or cause to drive the mission home. Whether you donate to a children’s charity, or otherwise, the lasting effects of your group’s hope, positivity, and efforts will create waves all year round. Do not limit yourself to giving back during the holidays. Make it a New Year’s resolution in 2018.

Consider making a donation to certain children’s charities, where a group of doctors, teachers, health workers, community advocates, and funding partners, that aim to give hope and medical care to children and families trapped in poverty and disability.

Thank you in advance for your contributions, and happy holidays. May the spirit of giving be with you, always.

Hello, my name is Brenda and I'm a cancer survivor. I'm also a small business owner. Currently edging towards retirement, I hope to devote more time to my activism and social work in the near future. Helping those in need is my passion.
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