Family Roots: 5 Beginner Guidelines About Ancestry DNA Tests


Family Roots: 5 Beginner Guidelines About Ancestry DNA Tests

There are many reasons why you would want to get an ancestry DNA test, whether you want to learn more about your heritage, determine if someone was a relative or not, among many others, but, before you proceed forward, there are some things you should know from your test selection to privacy risks to results, and much, much more.

If you’re ready to take an ancestry DNA test, you should explore these top considerations first. Prepare for the outcome of your test with knowledge.

1. Types of Tests

Often, DNA testing centers will offer different tests that produce different outcomes. You should know which type of test is best for you so you get the results you are looking for, or learn what you want to. There are some tests only men can take for example, and some that have been designed for women. DNA testing centers will be able to help guide you about which test is best for you.

2. Privacy Risks

There has been more conversation on social media and in the news lately about privacy risks associated with DNA tests, and while some centers are not credible, the ones that are will ensure information safety and privacy. Your DNA is yours, so be sure you’re putting it in the right hands and assess the risks. Be careful with the data you give to companies. Do your research to ensure their validity and credibility. Whether it’s with your DNA or something else, your information matters.

3. What You’ll Learn

You may be wondering about the depth of information that an ancestry DNA test will provide you. This is certainly dependent upon the test and center. To be sure about what will be tested and analyzed, it’s important you ask the right questions and have the right conversations. Most DNA centers will test across regions across the globe. Be mindful that you may have a different ethnicity makeup than even your full siblings if you have them. You will be surprised to learn about differences among your family members. Consider doing the tests together to compare! It can be awfully fun.

4. Expanding Upon Your Results

Once you get your results back from your testing center, you will probably want to continue to explore your roots and embark on travel to see where your relatives came from, where they are now, and continue to learn more about your history. This is why we highly recommend doing the tests with a sibling or even a friend so that you can plan your travels together and get to know each other better in the process. What better time to become a closer family or friends through an ancestry DNA test?

5. Taking Advantage of the Affordability

There’s a reason more and more people in the world are getting their DNA tested – the tests are affordable! This doesn’t mean you should go with the most inexpensive option. Explore what’s out there before you decide. Getting a DNA test can be a great gift for yourself, a friend, or family member. Discover your unique history and self.

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