Summer Bucket List for Kids: 9 Fun Summer Ideas for Kids


Summer Bucket List for Kids: 9 Fun Summer Ideas for Kids

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. Now is the best time to start planning your summer activities. Getting your kids excited about summer will not be a challenge when you prepared a summer bucket list for kids throughout the summer.

The best part about the many things in this summer bucket list is that they don’t need to break the bank. When you are planning your own summer bucket list for kids, choose the activities that will make this a summer that your child will never forget.

Here are nine activities included in the ultimate summer bucket list for kids:

1. Go hiking

Every summer bucket list for kids should have hiking as an activity! Choosing a hiking trail that is appropriate for the age of your children is easy. All you have to do is research the route and then make sure that it will not be too challenging. You can get your kids excited for the walk by telling them all of the exciting things that they can do on the way.

You could have them to keep an eye out for the many insects and bugs that will be along the route (if they like that sort of thing). Another great way to involve your children in the hike is to put them in charge of the map. Checking it yourself periodically of course.

2. Build a sandcastle

If you live near a beach, great! All you need are a few plastic sandcastle buckets from the dollar store and some toy spades to get started. If not, you can always set up a sandpit in your back yard.

Building a sandcastle as a family can be a great way to connect and allow your children’s imaginations to run wild.

3. Eco-friendly water balloon fight

Water balloon fights are a lot of fun and should be included in your ultimate summer bucket list for kids. However, they also can create plastic waste in your backyard. Even with the best intentions, you are likely to miss a few exploded balloon parts. This is not only bad for the environment, it also creates a choking hazard.

So, what is the alternative? Sponges. If you can find some big, soft sponges and a few buckets you can have a water fight that doesn’t damage the environment. Also, you won’t need to spend hours filling water balloons.

4. Make a lemonade stand

This is a right of passage for any child. In this ever-changing world where we see entrepreneurs making millions of a simple business idea, there really is no reason not to introduce your children to the benefits of starting their own business (however small). This can be a great learning opportunity for your kids to get experience counting money, giving change, and interacting with local people.

5. Have a picnic

This is a classic summer activity that can be whatever it is that you want it to be. You could go to a local park with a hamper full of delicious food. Or you could keep things simple and just eat on the grass of your back yard. The main thing to focus on is to make this an exciting event! You should look to include some of your children’s favourite foods as well as healthy snacks.

6. Look up at the stars

Stargazing is a popular option to include in a summer bucket list for kids. This activity can be fun for everyone. There are some really helpful resources online to help you with finding constellations and getting your children excited about the universe and the planets. There are even some times of the year that you are able to see planets with the naked eye. If there is a lot of light pollution around where you live then you could roll this into a road trip activity. If your kids don’t often see a clear sky, this can be a magical experience.

7. Camp

Going to camp is one of the most exciting parts of any child’s summer and childhood as a whole. There is so much activities to do at camp, from organized activities, making friends, and trying out new sports. At a summer camp, you will find that your children will make memories that will last a lifetime.

8. Go to the park and play a game

Going to a park can be a great place to try new things with your kids. You could bring a soccer ball, a frisbee, a baseball and glove, or all of these things. Enjoying the large open space that a park offers can be a great deal of fun for all of the family. Just be sure to wear sunblock and reapply it to your children regularly.

9. Plant some vegetables

This can be so much fun. Not only will you get your kids hands in the dirt you will also show the rewarding feeling of growing your own food. This can be a valuable life lesson. Patience and effort can yield some great rewards. You will also be able to have them help to cook the fruit and vegetable that you grow together.

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