The Golden Age: 7 Ways to Enjoy Living in Retirement


The Golden Age: 7 Ways to Enjoy Living in Retirement

Retirement is life’s journey and we all want to be happy till the end which is why choosing a good retirement home can add comfort and satisfaction to this journey. Many retirement homes are located in faraway places and can make it difficult to commute to city centers. Having a retirement home that is steps away from everything you need including, nature, leisure as well as shopping can help you enjoy being home or going out for the day.

Retirement homes offer both assistance or your choice to be independent. However, it is always good to be able to have someone to call 24/7 should something go wrong. Furthermore, a retirement home that go out of their way to ensure you enjoy entertainment such as group outdoor trips to live performances, local museums, golf tournaments and shopping can be an added benefit to your stay.

1. Look for a good retirement home

There are many options for retirement homes, but it is important to choose a home that will give you the experience and satisfaction you are looking for. There are homes that even offer scheduled recreational activities and theatres where you can stay in and enjoy movies and popcorn with friends. When you think of all these benefits, you realize that retirement is not so bad and can be embraced as part of life.

Since there are so many retirement homes available, you should take time to tour places, look at the extra curriculum activities offered and be comfortable with the convenience of the location.

2. Location convenience

Nature can be therapeutic and you want to enjoy nature and feel relaxed, but at the same time you do not want to travel too much to do some shopping and enjoy community activities.  Look for a retirement home that can offer the best of both worlds – nature and being close to shopping or other community areas.

3. Assistance and medical checks

Initially you want to be independent and may not require assistance. However, over time you might require some assistance or support with tasks or any illness faced. Having the retirement home take care of your medical needs can save you time and trouble attending regular medical appointments at external medical centers.

It is best to choose a retirement home that can provide you with assistance and medical support when needed, and it is a bonus if they can provide 24/7 support as it provides you with peace of mind that there is someone you can call in need of urgent help!

4. Recreation and social activities

You want to find a retirement home that can provide you with group activities to keep you busy, socially engaged and to make it easier to mingle with other residents. Activities keep you active. This will prevent loneliness or the possibility of experiencing depression.  A planned schedule which you can choose from is a perfect way to plan your day or week.

5. Living space

A nice one bedroom will make it seem like home. You probably want to avoid studios or accommodations that offer just a bedroom while all other amenities such as the bathrooms and kitchens are shared. The shared amenities are usually common for retirement homes. However, to make it more comfortable for seniors, many retirement properties are moving away from shared amenities, and are more inclined to offer luxury and private apartments.

6. Integrating into the community

Retirement homes that integrate their residents with the surrounding community can make the retirement experience much more invigorating as residents get to participate in voluntary activities, theatre plays, musical programs, golf tournaments and other community programs.

7. Erase Negative Preconceptions

Retirement homes for many years held negative preconceptions, but when you have a home that offers a comfortable living, you can easily erase negative associations to senior homes. Additionally, a retirement home that helps you with aging and provides the assistance when you need it can be a good choice for your peace of mind and life’s journey.

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