Master Chef: 6 Cooking Tips for Your Pizza Oven


Master Chef: 6 Cooking Tips for Your Pizza Oven

Cooking a pizza in an outdoor pizza oven will blow any other meal you have made out of the water. Not only will you be able to enjoy that exquisite restaurant quality taste, you will be able to learn and improve your technique over time. Making up your own recipes from the dough up is a very enjoyable experience. The first thing a guest will say when they take a bite of your personal pizza creation is where can they get an outdoor pizza oven like yours.

Here are our top 6 tips for making a pizza in an outdoor oven

1. Get the wood right

Not all wood is right for a pizza oven, if you want to get the best possible results from all of your delicious efforts, this is where you need to start. The moisture content should be 15% or less, and cut small enough that it will fit comfortably into your pizza oven. You should also grab some firelighters. Online is the best place to buy them, make sure to get chemical free firelighters too.

2. Experiment with different varieties of wood

You can create subtle yet very pleasant flavours by using different types of wood in your outdoor pizza oven. Try experimenting with apple, beech and oak. Although, you should steer well clear of any wood that has too much resin in them such as pine or eucalyptus.

3. Store your wood correctly

Yep, we’re not done with wood yet. You need the wood to stay dry and clean. So, when you stack the wood, make sure that it is done so in a way that it is sheltered from rain and that it is in a nice neat pile that will not fall over. If you haven’t used the wood for a while, dry it out a little bit next to a fire, even if it hasn’t rained, wood can absorb moisture from the air too.

4. Protect your outdoor pizza oven from the elements

Your oven should come complete with a cover that will protect it from rainfall and anything else the weather can throw at it. It is very important that you use this at all times when the oven is not in use. Just be sure to wait until the fire is out and the oven has cooled before you put the cover onto your outdoor pizza oven.

5. Get a clean workspace

You want to be able to have space to work and move the pizzas around. You will need plenty of room behind you, so keep this in mind when you decide where to place your outdoor pizza oven. If you don’t have the permanent counter space available, it may be worth investing in a couple of collapsible, yet stable tables that can be taken out when they’re needed.

6. Get good ingredients

After all your hard work preparing the wood and establishing a good workspace, now is the time to assemble your first magnificent pizza creation. The first place to start is with the spices. You’re going to want fresh spices if you want the pizza to taste it’s very best. Store bought pizza sauce is okay to begin with, but you really want to be able to develop your own signature style in the long run. The same goes for the dough that you are using.

Cheese and toppings are where you can really get creative. Pizza’s are one of the most versatile foods. When you plan out your pizza don’t be afraid to break tradition and try something amazing.

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