9 Best Hairstyles for Gray Hair


9 Best Hairstyles for Gray Hair

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of gray hair is probably old age, right? And if you are like most women, l am sure you dread the day your hair will turn grey. Well, guess what, some younger women intentionally choose to dye their hair gray because that is how trendy, stylish and elegant gray hair actually looks. Whether you are 60 years old or 20, you can proudly rock gray hair, look stunning and at the same time make a fashion statement.

Here are some of the best hairstyles for gray hair, which could help you wear your beautiful hair with pride.

1. Vintage Hairstyles

Vintage fashion will never go out of style, and they include some of the best hairstyles for gray hair. You can try the Lady Gaga-inspired retro-themed gray hairstyle by brushing back your hair in a subtle side-part. Finish it off by holding back the short locks behind the ear using a bobby pin. It is an elegant, tidy and straightforward hairstyle which looks great on all women.

2. Bangs


There are different ways of styling your hair using bangs. For instance, you can spice up your cut with deeper side-swept bangs to add some length to your hair. Similarly, if your hair has just begun turning gray at the front, go for thin and fine bangs that emphasize the silver hues and contrast it against the rest of your dark hair, just like Roseanne Barr! For a mix of casual and elegance, wear your look with loose and bouncy curls at the front in a side-parted style.

3. Short Hairstyles


Popularly won by legendary Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis, this should be one of your go-to hairstyles at salons because it is a great way to achieve a fresh and lively look, which makes you look younger than you actually are. Get a pixie cut or alternatively make your hair straight and cut it up to the ear-level while adding some deep and airy-separated bangs that appear to peek into your eyes. It helps cover your forehead and exudes a powerful aura.

4. Curly Short Cut

If your hair is naturally curly, then this is one of the best hairstyles for gray hair. Allow your hair to grow as it is meant to and cut it to maintain the short look as you show off your natural beauty.

5. Bob Cut

With this hairstyle, you get to lower the cost of maintaining it and yet bring out that fun and professional look you deserve. It is also a pretty versatile style as you can opt for a classic choppy bob (especially if you have fine hair), part your hair to your liking and even add a few bangs. Consider trying a twisted bob haircut to create an overflowing asymmetrical hairstyle like that of Kelly Osbourne.

The long bob is another sophisticated look that has continued to gain popularity over the years. It gives you the freedom to add more dimension by incorporating a few different colour shades to your natural hair. It is flattering on everyone and can be curled towards the end for a soft, wavy look.

6. Up Style

This is a simple, elegant look that works very well with long hair. To achieve this, first, pull up all your hair into a high and tight bun and then fold the tips forward while tucking them under themselves. You can leave out one smooth strand, so it’s left hanging on the side, or add side-swept bangs to complete the look.

7. Pony Tail

This is an equally simple hairstyle that is perfect for those with long hair. All you need is to hold your hair back at a high or low position, depending on your preference. You can leave out a few strands to add a bit of funk to your style.

8. Layers

Hair graying is a process. At the early stages, only parts of your hair will be gray. This transitional look is absolutely gorgeous if styled right. Take advantage of this by adding some layers to reveal the contrast between the different hair colours, especially if you have medium length or long hair. This adds volume, texture and bounce to your hair. However, be careful not to make the hair too long as shoulder length hair looks better on older women. Add a bit of structure by combining this hairstyle with some bangs.

9. Flipped-out Curls

For long hair, you can part it at the center and add some Farrah Fawcett ‘wings’. This modern look frames your face while still making it look attractive with much less volume.

Instead of spending countless hours in a salon trying to cover up your gray hair, try embracing and styling it to bring out your beautiful, elegant hair colour. If you have naturally gray hair, you could blend it with purple hues for a captivating look that is guaranteed to turn heads. Tip: use hair products that are specially formulated for gray hair.

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