A Greener World: 8 Significant Ways You Can Reduce Waste


A Greener World: 8 Significant Ways You Can Reduce Waste

Recycling can help converse our natural resources, save space on landfills and protect our environment. About 70% waste can be recycled as well as reused. However, we do not have the habit of recycling as we are so used to waste being thrown in the garbage bin. Most residential and office buildings now offer designated recycling bins and containers for paper, plastic bottles, containers, cardboard boxes and food. This makes it easy for us to recycle our waste.

Recycling waste has many benefits. It can reduce the need of harvesting raw materials, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas.

Here are a few ways to reduce waste:

1. Learn about recycling and reusable products

Learn about items or materials that can be recycled or reused such as reusable shopping bags, recycled paper, rechargeable batteries and printer cartridge refills.

2. Substitute reusable items for consumables

Once you are aware of the reusable products, you can purchase products that can be recycled and reused. Many products now have labels to indicate they are eco-friendly and can be recycled. Buy rags and washing clothes instead of disposal washing supplies.

3. Implement recycling

Ensure you have the categorized recycling bins at home to help sort your recycling and you are aware of the ones in your office. This way you do not have to store items or place them aside to recycle them later. You can directly dispose them into their designated recycle bins. Products that can be recycled are newspapers, containers, cans, cardboard boxes, food, plastics and so forth.

4. Be familiar with the materials that cannot be recycled

Most hazardous materials cannot be recycled; it would be best to consider safer alternative cleaning and non-toxic products. There are designated organizations that manage hazardous recycling and disposal substitutes.

5. Consider composting

This is a process where waste is converted to compost. Plant trimmings and leftover food for instance can be degraded to compost which can be used in your garden.

6. Encourage recycling and participate in community programs

Whether at home or at work you can be a good example to your family and colleagues. Recycle your food, paper, cans and plastic or paper cups. Avoid printing a document if you can manage reading or storing it electronically. By also participating in recycling community events, you are encouraging people to consider recycling as part of their daily living.

7. Donation

Donations are a good way to give clothes, shoes, appliances and other workable electronics that you are not using. However, you don’t want to give away items that are not reusable or recyclable.

8. Recycling technology

Computers and all other electronics including CDs and DVDs can be recycled. You need not have to dispose them as many of the parts can be retrieved to be used in future production of technology.

Recycling or reusing materials can never be enough. By recycling you are ensuring that your environment is not affected by the waste that is releasing harmful chemicals or greenhouse gases into the air. Recycling also reduces water pollution and preserves wildlife. A little effort can go a long way and preserve our lands for many years.

Be a good example to your family, colleagues and community and encourage participation at recycling events. If you read this and haven’t taken recycling seriously, it is never too late. You can start now and apply these tips to your everyday routine. Recycling does not have to be time-consuming or a mundane chore. By having recycle bins in place, you can just ensure these materials are placed in their relevant recycle bins. At the end, you can feel proud for taking care of your environment.

Hello, my name is Michael and I'm a cancer survivor. I'm also a home entrepreneur and stay-at-home grandfather. In the past thirty years, I've dabbled in the the financial sector, the technology industry, as well as a little business consulting. I guess you can call me a jack of all trades!
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