Never Lose Hope: 5 Steps to Walk Through Fertility Problems


Never Lose Hope: 5 Steps to Walk Through Fertility Problems

IVF means in vitro fertilization. The sperm and egg merge not in the female reproductive system, but in medical facility. Once embryos are created, they are implanted into the uterus. IVF differs from artificial insemination, which has sperm deposited in the uterus, with the hope that a couple will conceive a child.

1. Overcomes Fertility Issues

There are many reasons for why a couple is not able to conceive naturally. Getting IVF at a fertility clinic enables these couples to have the children that they desire. In the past couples would have had to adopt children or to be childless. IVF can help couples overcome fertility issues that would have barred them from parenting.

2. Safe Procedure

IVF is like any other medical procedure. There is some risk, but it is minimal in comparison to other procedures that people get done routinely. A lot of advancements in the procedure has alleviated these risks. Fertility practitioners have adapted their procedures to increase the likelihood of conception.

IVF can now include the following: transvaginal oocyte retrieval, hormone treatment, ultrasounds, blood tests, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection. With these advanced procedures, IVF can help couples overcome fertility issues that would have barred them from parenting.

3. Same Sex Couples

IVF is socially revolutionary, in that it enables same sex couples to remain committed to their partners, but to also become biological parents of their children. In the past, this was not possible. Same sex couples would be forced to make hard decisions that traditional couples would not have to make. Same sex couples can still conceive children with the help of fertility practitioners.

Same sex couples can still be sexually faithful to their romantic partner or spouse. IVF can help to change society and its acceptance of those, who are deemed different by traditional society.

4. Assist Other Couples

IVF can help other couples in achieving their life long dream of being parents. With the help of cryopreservation, IVF offers couples, who have very challenging fertility issues, the chance of being parents, by receiving donated eggs and sperm from other couples. In the past, this level of support for other couples was not possible. Now it is because of IVF. IVF has been able to amend the idea of paying forward giving to other people. IVF is can help change the idea of voluntarily helping others in need.

5. Emotionally Challenging

Fertility issues and the procedures that can remedy these issues can be very emotionally challenging for couples. We have been taught that conceiving should be natural as possible or else something is wrong with us. Moreover, there are some faith institutions that promote the belief that it is a sin to use procedures like IVF. This religious doctrine can be defeating for religious or spiritual couples, who want to follow their faith by being parents.

Challenging one’s personal faith is an emotionally charged process. It takes time to understand that IVF could be part of faith in that the fertility practitioners have been given the ability to help couples, and therefore, may be an extension of faith. Another reason for IVF to be emotionally challenging is that the hormone treatments can be difficult on the couple’s bodies and relationships. Although IVF can support couples conceive, it does have its challenges like any medical procedure.

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