Silence Is Golden: 4 Reasons Why Quiet Time Is Crucial For Your Mental Health


Silence Is Golden: 4 Reasons Why Quiet Time Is Crucial For Your Mental Health

As we get older, having some quiet time becomes increasingly important. It can be important at any time in a person’s life, but in general, as one gets older, this ‘me’ time takes on a greater significance. There is just too much noise going on all around you and all kinds of stress and worry that it can get pretty overwhelming. It is so easy to snap and it could cause a person to scream or lash out. You may end up getting angry for anything and everything and sometimes, you just feel upset for no apparent reason. Here are some of the top reasons that you should have some quiet time.

1. Relax & Rest To Renew

At some point, no matter how busy or stressed you may be, you need to stop everything. You cannot keep going at 100 miles per hour constantly. Think about this; even machinery needs some downtime so that it can be fixed or have maintenance done. Your body and mind also needs this downtime or you will have problems further down the road. Quiet time is precious and it gives you a chance to renew as you gain much needed rest.

2. Reflect On What’s Important

Being busy all the time and not being able to stop can make it difficult to realize the things that are important. Taking on too many responsibilities or activities can make it difficult to stop and reflect on what’s really important. Sometimes you can also be caught up in tasks that are not only unnecessary, but also wastes your time. Time is precious and it could be spent in better ways rather than indulging in meaningless activities. Having quiet times can help you see the important things in life you may be neglecting right now. Your reflection time can cover a breadth of topics, no matter how big or small they might be. You can reflect on your relationships, your dreams and goals, your recent sessions with your psychotherapist, or even your favourite books and movies.

3. Making Order Out Of Chaos

You need to be able to prioritize tasks, otherwise, you can get caught up in too many activities which can cause your head to spin (not literally). However, many people do live lives where they are always busy with no time to stop. It helps to take some time to think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. This can help to restore a little bit of order into your life, but without having some time for self-reflection, it becomes difficult to achieve.

4. It Can Help You Heal

Think about this for a second; when someone has surgery, or even an illness, it is recommended that they spend time in a quiet, darkened room. This is because it is part of their healing process. You can consider your quiet time in the same way. Sometimes, you just have to take a break and take it easy and to help you heal in many ways. This can help to relieve stress and anxiety from everyday living and it’s all a part of your healing process.

Through quiet introspection, you can savour those golden moments of bliss and solitude. It can help to find meaning in your life. Stress, anxiety and worry can take its toll on a person. It’s important to not let it overwhelm you because it can sometimes feel like there’s no way out. Having and appreciating quiet time can have so many positive benefits in your life. From now on, you should make the effort to have these quiet times for yourself.

Hello, my name is Michael and I'm a cancer survivor. I'm also a home entrepreneur and stay-at-home grandfather. In the past thirty years, I've dabbled in the the financial sector, the technology industry, as well as a little business consulting. I guess you can call me a jack of all trades!
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