Sleep With Ease: 4 Benefits of Using a Dental Night Guard


Sleep With Ease: 4 Benefits of Using a Dental Night Guard

For those who suffer from teeth clenching or grinding during sleep, known as Bruxism, a night guard can greatly help you. Bruxism can be both painful and damaging. Those who suffer from it often wake up with migraines, sore jaws, and tender teeth. Over time, the impact that comes from nightly clenching or grinding causes great wear on your teeth and can possibly cause breakage. Thankfully, wearing a night guard can help prevent the damage that is caused from Bruxism and can reduce nightly pain.

Custom-made night guards are recommended by dentists because of their proven benefits. The following are the top ways that you can benefit from using a night guard if you suffer from Bruxism or even seldom experience teeth clenching or grinding.

1. Reduce Pain and Headaches

The biggest problems that people who suffer from Bruxism face are the migraines, headaches, and jaw pain that can occur daily. After a long night of clenching and grinding your teeth, your jaw is tired and head sore from the tension caused throughout the night.

Using a night guard will reduce the pain caused because it provides a cushion between the teeth, removing the ability to clench down directly on the teeth. A custom night guard can also be designed to better align your teeth to their most correct position. This is important as one of the biggest causes of Bruxism is unaligned teeth and bite lines.

2. Prevent Tooth Damage

The most important benefit that comes from using a night guard is the prevention of permanent tooth damage. With constant teeth grinding, teeth become weaker, worn, and in some cases, the tooth enamel can become exposed. Many experience chipped or broken teeth after a night of clenching or grinding.

A night guard provides protection from creating further damage as it stops the bottom and top teeth from making contact. This is a necessary appliance for those who are prone to broken teeth or those who have invested in dental work, as repairs can be expensive in comparison to the price of a custom night guard.

3. Improved Sleep

Those who suffer from Bruxism agree that continuous clenching and grinding can be very disruptive and cause poor sleeping habits. Many patients state that they have a fear of breaking teeth from grinding and often wake up in panic. This is common for those who have not invested in protection.

Patients claim that the use of a night guard has drastically improved their sleeping patterns and wake up feeling less stressed and more rested. The night guard removes the fear of damage because it protects your teeth and prevents accidents from occurring.

Casual teeth grinding or clenching can be brought on by stress or anxiety. By relieving some of the stress of your daily life, you should notice a stoppage or slowdown of grinding your teeth throughout the night. However, for some, Bruxism is a problem that does not have a cure and the only available option is to treat the symptoms. The goal of a custom-made night guard is to provide a durable, protective layer between your top and bottom teeth to prevent damage. It is also meant to provide comfort and cushioning for your jaw muscles, which reduces tenderness and headaches. Lastly, they can be used to realign your teeth and possibly remove the urge to clench or grind.

Investing in a night guard will protect your teeth and save you from expensive dental repair bills. Many dentists recommended a night guard for its proven ability to protect your teeth and prevent further damage.

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