How to Get Hired: 4 Ways Recruiters Can Improve Your Employment Odds


How to Get Hired: 4 Ways Recruiters Can Improve Your Employment Odds

In many industries, recruiting has become a prevalent practice with recruiters being hired by firms to find them the best talent to work at their company. The financial sector is no different with institutions such as banks and private firms looking to finance recruiters to hire staff that can meet their needs and affect their bottom line in a positive way.

Whether you are fresh out of school or looking to make a career change, utilizing the services of a finance recruiter may very well be the step you need to take to achieve this and below are 5 ways one can assist you.

1. Helps build relationships

If you have just graduated and are looking for your first job in the financial sector, chances are you have not made a large number of connections in the field quite yet. This is also true of people who have made the switch from other sectors or industries. For this reason, a finance recruiter can assist you. These people work with many different companies on a regular basis and can put you into contact with people who can offer you a job or at least help you get your foot further in the door.

A recruiter can also help those that have years of experience in the field. No one likes to think about getting laid off or losing interest in a current job but it does happen. A finance recruiter can help you explore your options and look at positions that would fit your skill-set.

2. They are aware of openings

When looking for a position, it may be difficult to know who is hiring. Some companies actively post vacant positions but some rely exclusively on recruiters to find them suitable candidates. These are the same recruiters that you could use to assist you in gaining employment. If you work with a finance recruiter they are aware of openings and can call you if you meet the specified requirements.

This is beneficial because you have someone advocating for you and keeping you in mind for open positions and you will not have to waste time focusing on companies who are not hiring and positions you may not be qualified for.

3. They know what employers want

When a company uses a finance recruiter, they specify exactly what they are looking for when filling vacant positions. If you utilize the services of a finance recruiter, they can contact you as soon as a suitable position is open and will advise you on the best way to apply. Your recruiter can also work closely with you and determine which areas you are strong in and where you can improve so you can best meet the criteria specified by the company.

In the event that you are invited for an interview, the finance recruiter can prepare you and because they usually know the person who will be interviewing you, they can also give tips on what types of answers the interviewer likes to hear.

4. Post-interview assistance

Not every interview goes as planned and chances are you may not ace your first interview in the finance sector. In this instance, a finance recruiter will give you feedback on the interview so you can see where you need to improve and you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

If you are offered employment, the finance recruiter will often check in with you to see how you are doing at your new job and offer any assistance. After some time in the job you can then identify any positions that you may wish to pursue in the near future and the recruiter can definitely assist you in this process. 

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