Key Accommodations: 5 Important Features of a Furnished Apartment


Key Accommodations: 5 Important Features of a Furnished Apartment

Furnished apartments contain essential amenities to enable you stay comfortably. Depending on the owner of the apartment’s market goals, whether it’s a place to stay overnight or a conference hall they always have more than the typical basic furnishing.

Fully furnished apartments include quality furniture, well-designed tableware, kitchen appliances, bathroom stuff, and other facilities that will enhance an ideal and memorable stay. The following tips will enable you get an idea of the essential features you need to get intact in any fully furnished service apartments.

1. The Living Room

Most people consider the living room the heart of a home. Therefore, in order to provide your visitors a great inviting mood, a feeling of a home away from home, the service apartment providers should ensure the living rooms are designed with utmost diligence and professionalism to bring a fabulous looking living room. For instance, windows should be superbly treated to give the room a beautiful appearance, furniture should be placed in style. Also, lighting system among others will speak volumes about the living room’s elegance.

2. Kitchen

Fully furnished apartments come with an equipped kitchen to offer the absolute convenience of cooking any meal at any time you want. The cooking appliances comprise of the microwave, oven, fixed hob, and stove. Also, the cuisine should have enough cutlery, cooking utensils, pans, and washing facilities so that you can use the kitchen just like you do at your residence. For added convenience, the kitchen of exemplary serviced apartment contains a refrigerator as well.

3. Entertainment System

Well-serviced apartments regard the essence of having entertainment system for their incoming short term rental guests. Amenities such as phone services, TVs with cable connection, WI-FI, audio system DVD, and even game system will complete cozy experience of the client since staying in such salubrious place well equipped, competitively priced is no less than living in an expensive hotel.

4. Bedroom

To ensure your guests have a cozy stay, bedrooms of fully furnished apartments contains facilities, which make it outstanding so that your guests in the business trips can have a feeling similar to their homes. The rooms should have a standardly sized bed, high-quality mattress, clean bedding- comforter, sets of sheets, pillow, and the towel-with appealing colors, hangers, nightstands, lamp, some decorative items, for instance, plants and pictures. Other features include a work desk, a dresser, a bookstand, clock radio and more.

5. 24/7 Reception

A stellar reception in a furnished apartment is inevitable. A significant number of serviced apartments come with a reception for useful client guidance so that he/she can wisely make a choice of staying in a place, which has the desired amenities, cost friendly and luxurious. Typically, it is a good decision to choose an apartment that offers 24-hour reception to have a hotel-like feeling and peace of mind that there is somebody who can come to your help when you require some guidance.

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