Look Like a Gentleman: 4 Style Tips to Build a Men’s Wardrobe


Look Like a Gentleman: 4 Style Tips to Build a Men’s Wardrobe

Transitioning from hoodies and t-shirts can be tough if you’re not sure what to buy. Focusing on fashion can feel like a foreign topic for a lot of guys. Fortunately, building a quality wardrobe isn’t as tough as it looks. By focusing on factors that influence your style you can make basic clothes look good. Check out the following tips to help step your fashion game up!

1. Get In Shape

There’s no way around it: clothes just fit better when you’re in shape. You don’t need to start buying protein shakes and going all-out in the gym, however spending some time crafting your physique won’t go unnoticed. Simple choices such as polo shirts and shorts that would otherwise look regular, fit and look better on an in-shape physique.

Don’t make the mistake of going in the gym and only doing bench presses and arm exercises. Building up your shoulders, traps, and back will help your physique fill out clothes in a way that improves how the most basic item looks on you.

2. Invest In A Real Bag

After you get past a certain age, the backpack just isn’t going to cut it. Carrying around a bag that doesn’t match your upgraded style and physique is a drag on your overall aura. A quality leather bag fits in both casual and formal situations making it an excellent choice. Leather bags come in many different colours and styles so make sure to do your research end ensure you’re buying a high-quality leather. You should also invest in a quality duffle bag for the gym and other casual events.

3. Keep Your Style Simple

To get the most out of your wardrobe, focus on the subtitles that go into buying clothes. Whenever you buy an item, prioritize the fit and quality over everything else. Quality clothes are well worth the extra costs and clothes that fit your body properly look exceptionally good. If you invest in a winter coat, don’t be afraid to get it tailored to fit you perfectly.

Clothes that come off the rack have a lot of issues in the shoulder seams, and it’s hard to find a sleeve length that suits your body type. Paying extra for quality and tailoring your clothes for your body type will help your wardrobe last for years.

4. You Can’t Be Well Dressed If You Don’t Have Good Shoes

Not only are shoes important for style reasons, but it’s also important to make sure you’re protecting your feet. When it comes to dressing well, there’s no need to wear uncomfortable shoes just to complement your outfit. Take the time to invest in shoes that fit you properly while complementing your style. You can’t beat having a solid pair of brown or black dress shoes on hand to match your formal or semi-formal outfits.

Stay away from square-toed dress shoes since they’re often uncomfortable, clunky and ugly. Spend some time picking out a quality pair of sneakers or a similar type of shoe for everyday use. Having a few quality pairs of shoes on hand helps accent your efforts at building your wardrobe.

All in all, being strategic with your wardrobe will help a lot. You don’t have to spend tons of money or buy luxury brands to dress well. Buying quality pieces will last longer and act as a better investment in your wardrobe. If you focus on how clothes fit your body, a simple polo shirt can look good. Remember to build your physique and get some bags that complement your graduated style.

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