Timeless Accessory: 6 Benefits of Wearing a Watch


Timeless Accessory: 6 Benefits of Wearing a Watch

Watches are a timeless (if you’ll excuse the pun) accessory for anyone. They compliment the fashion choices that they have made elsewhere in their attire and can be loud and flashy or reserved in appearance.

1. It’s the easiest way to know what time it is

The design of a watch placed on the wrist is not something that came about by accident. It is an extremely efficient and comfortable way of carrying around a timepiece that can be accessed with ease at any time. Some people find watches uncomfortable and prefer to use the clock on their phone instead. This is fine, unless you don’t have any pockets and have to look in your purse, or if you are driving and the phone is in your pocket.

Nothing is more classic and smooth than a quick glance at the face of a watch. Pulling out your phone in the middle of a conversation is a lot ruder and may even seem as if you are ignoring the person trying to speak to you.

2. They do a job and they do it well

Personal wristwatches were first used in the armed forces so that movements could be coordinated over great distances. Since then the designs of the watch have varied and you can find all manner of watches to suit anyone’s needs. They are often designed with longevity in mind and can remain accurate for years and remain functioning off the power of a very small battery.

3. You can check the time and not be distracted


If you constantly have to look at your phone to tell the time, you’re going to have a hard time not being drawn into the world of gaming apps, social media and much more. When you are trying to focus on work or concentrate on what someone is saying then the less you look at your phone the better.

4. You can make a statement

You can choose a watch that shows the world who you are, you can have basic digital or analogue models, oversized flashy watches, or even something as elegant as a wooden watch. Wooden watches have seen a surge in popularity over recent years as they offer what many other watched cannot. A truly unique watch. The grain of the wood will be unique to your watch and you and only you will have that look. When it comes to personalizing your wardrobe, nothing comes close.

5. It’s jewelry for men as much as it is for women

Men will usually only wear three items of jewelry, a wedding band if they’re married, cuff links, and a watch. With wedding bands and cufflinks often being understated, a watch is one of the only fashion accessories that a man can truly express himself. They can even get particularly nifty in this area and try swearing special wooden watches for men. Likewise, women’s watches can also be a very important addition to the ensemble.

6. You can have something to pass down to your children

A watch that has been properly maintained can last for decades if not longer. When it has been on someone’s wrist for every day of their working life it can be a very treasured family heirloom that can be treated with great respect as it is passed down from generation to generation. It is very easy to forget that many watches are works of art as well as technological marvels. Hours of expert craftsmen ship have gone into the production of each watch. This makes the decision of those who don’t wear one even more perplexing.

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