Trendy Technology: 4 Key Features of an Apple Smart Watch


Trendy Technology: 4 Key Features of an Apple Smart Watch

Technology changes so fast it’s scary! However, it can also make our lives better and more convenient. These days, you need to have the ability to work or have information all the time with you. Take the iPhone for example. It has come to the point where we need to have a computer in our pocket and that makes the iPhone so popular.

How about a computer for your wrist? Don’t scoff at the idea. An Apple Watch can be indispensable and those who have one (and need one) will attest to this fact. With some great features, here are some things you need to know as you consider getting one for yourself.

1. Keeping Time

Despite everything it can do, it still is a watch! Some people have done away with watches because of their iPhone. However, since you wear the Apple Watch on your wrist, you don’t have to reach into your jacket pocket or search your bag for your phone to tell the time. Turn your wrist and the screen lights up and you can check out the date and time. You can also check out the weather, stock quotes and a whole bunch of other things if you enable those features. In fact, it has so many features you can turn on, you will be mesmerized!

2. Notifications

Getting notifications may not be a new thing, but an Apple Watch is also capable of this. You will receive a subtle tap, a brief summary of notifications and you can decide if you want to look more into it. You can look at all the notifications that have come in and you will know which ones you need to take care of immediately and which ones can wait. Again, no need to search your bag or dig into your pocket. It’s all right there before you.

3. Wellness & Exercise Companion

Apple have spent time and money on marketing the Apple Watch as the perfect companion for health and fitness. It has a heart-rate monitor and a GPS on some of the latest models. You can easily track what you do, such as climbing stairs and other exercises. It has a workout app to track your exercises like walking, running and other things so that it becomes something that you just can’t do without.

It is also water resistant, so you can track your swimming as well. You can also share your achievements with friends. The Apple smart watch can help can help you with fitness goals and help you maintain better health with its simple organization.

4. Communication

You can use your Apple Watch for communication, just like those futuristic sci-fi movies from years ago you may have seen. These days, everyone can be a James Bond. You can talk and text with your watch for a short while and then simply move on to your phone for longer communication if necessary. You can quickly communicate on the go by dictating short messages.

If keeping in touch is something that is really important to you, the Apple Watch will be a really important addition to your life. It is even capable, providing it is set up this way, to control your lights, fans, thermometer and even an Apple TV remotely. Any adjustments can be done right from your wrist. If you want to enjoy the future right now, this watch is for you!

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