Soaring in the Sky: 5 Aircraft Maintenance Tips for Your Plane


Soaring in the Sky: 5 Aircraft Maintenance Tips for Your Plane

Well, summer has come to an end, and you may be pleased by that revelation. For the last few months, your aircraft has been on overdrive as passengers requested flights to all different parts of the region. Or, of course, the countless individuals seeking out flying lessons.

Simply put: your aircraft is probably messy and or needs some good old-fashioned maintenance by now, both inside and outside. Remember, you want your plane to be in tip top shape!

Whether you’re a commuter aircraft, foreign air carrier or a domestic plane for commercial endeavours, you always want your machine to remain in good condition at all times. Should you refrain from doing your part, your plane will eventually fall apart, and you certainly do not want that to happen, especially if it’s midflight!

Here are five aircraft maintenance tips to keep your plane in great shape:

1. See That Vacuum? Use it Right Away!

Like the interior of an automobile, it is important to vacuum the interior of an aircraft. We attract a lot of dirt, grime and bacteria with our shoes, and then they land in the airplane, causing horrific smells, many coughs and an overall unsanitary state for the airplane.

What’s the solution? It’s simple: use that vacuum to clean the interiors right away.

2. Clean the Fabric of the Interior

Whether it is the carpets or the seats, you should properly clean the fabric of the interior. There are plenty of fabric cleaners available in the open market that will make your airplane nice and clean without any foul odours.

Failure to properly take care of your fabric will result in the need to replace your seats. And that comes with a hefty price-tag.

3. Inspect the Drain Holes Immediately

Now we come down to the nitty gritty: the drain holes in the fuselage.

Moving forward, as you perform your aircraft maintenance, you need to inspect the drain holes in the fuselage and proceed to utilize a pipe cleaner to ensure they are clear. Remember, if any of these drain holes get clogged, then the trapped water will produce corrosion.

4. What About the Electric Fan Brake?

Here is something that you should conduct almost immediately: grab the electric fan brake and rotate it repeatedly back and forth. If there are any loose parts or you hear odd sounds, then you should instantly hire a professional repairman and remedy the problem as quickly as possible. This should also be performed on a regular basis, not just a couple of times a year.

5. Battery Maintenance is Crucial

Experts say that you should check the battery once a month. Whether it is the beginning of summer or at the end of summer, you need to complete basic routine battery maintenance.

Here is what you do: take out the battery from the aircraft, check it out and then charge the battery utilizing an aircraft-specific charger. Extreme cold and extreme heat can negatively impact batteries.

These batteries are imperative for things like communication, signals and lights. You never want to fool around or neglect them, otherwise you could experience trouble down the road.


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